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(a production company), LLC. 

What We Do

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When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, Patrick Starner came to two of his close friends, Gabriel Krut and James Cullinane, with the hopes of  making a space where theatre-makers and artists could continue to create and perform across geographic boundaries.   After forming Platform (a production company), LLC, the team brought on Rachel Thomas as the fourth member of the board. Platform now exists for artists and creators everywhere to collaborate and create  through a multitude of platforms. 


2021 Season 

Spring Season 

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Fall/Winter Season 

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"Cold Cuts" is the newest thing in audio drama. This event is a reoccurring  show that premieres LIVE every week. But here’s the twist… the actors have never read the script…In other words, these are new shows that are being read aloud for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Tune in to this show every Saturday 8pm EST. on our Twitch! 

Our Work 

Platform Projects makes up all the creative works that Platform has produced internally with artists, writers, playwrights, etc. 

Platform Productions encompasses our work as collaborators and producers for outside theaters, organizations, and performing arts centers

Platform offers services that range from marketing and media consultation, to streaming, promoting, and producing full length plays, musicals, readings, and much more...

See What's Happening... 

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